“This is theft !”. In gas stations, motorists are on edge with the fuel shortage that is currently affecting the country… But also because of the numbers scrolling on the meter.

In a context of inflation, the price of fuel has jumped in recent months, reaching the symbolic threshold of 2 euros in many stations.

While drivers are struggling to get supplies, or find an open station, some are also seeing an increase in prices.

This is the case of Florian, fishmonger on the Parisian markets. “I saw a gas station that offered a liter of diesel at 2.72 euros while trying to fill up my truck. Elsewhere, some stations are also approaching the 3 euro threshold, and customers do not hesitate to say it’s theft,” he told Planet.

A statement shared by motorists interviewed by Le Parisien. “I’m sure there are those who take advantage of it and fill their pockets,” sighs Kevin, owner of a small cleaning company in the columns of the Ile-de-France daily. For his part, Moussa, VTC, does not let himself be disheartened by the rise in prices: “Even at 5 euros per liter, I don’t care!”, He exclaims.

A situation that angered Olivier Véran, government spokesperson. At the microphone of RTL, this Tuesday, October 11, the former Minister of Solidarity and Health deplores: “It is unthinkable to consider that we can inflate the prices of gasoline in this period”.