The energy crisis is still in full swing in France. This Wednesday, November 16 marks a turning point for French motorists. Indeed, the adoption of the amending finance bill leads to major changes concerning the various rebates at the pump which are in force until today.

Since September 1, drivers have benefited until today inclusive of a discount of 30 cents per liter from the State, and 20 cents per liter from the TotalEnergies group. A measure which proved to be of public utility for the declining purchasing power of motorists, but which nevertheless allowed the oil giant to exempt itself from a tax on superprofits, as Le Figaro reports.

Gabriel Attal, Minister Delegate for Public Accounts, said on LCI on Monday: “We can’t afford a discount for life.” Indeed, the fuel price discount scheme has already cost more than 7 billion euros this year, according to franceinfo. Another point of contention: the fact that this aid applies to everyone indiscriminately, even to those who do not necessarily need it.

For early 2023, the Executive’s strategy therefore seems to be that of targeted aid. A boost that could affect between 11 and 12 million people, for a period that does not yet seem to be determined. Gabriel Attal would however have revealed some possible eligibility criteria for this famous aid. Only people who can prove a job and earned income and the middle and working classes would be affected.

Pending details of the measures that will take over after the complete cessation of discounts at the end of the year, here are the changes to take into account today.