The bill at the gas station keeps jumping. Due to the constant increase in fuel prices, the car budget of motorists is exploding. According to estimates established by the Automobile Club Association in 2020, the cost of a car (insurance, fuel, vehicle maintenance, ancillary costs, etc.), varies between €5,195 and €9,885 per year depending on the region. , for current models. Prices of course vary according to the car models and their engines: diesel, petrol, electric or hybrid vehicles.

In recent months, the price of a liter of gasoline has reached the symbolic threshold of two euros. While waiting for gasoline prices to return to normal, some are also opting for carpooling or public transport to reduce the bill. Those for whom these alternatives are not possible can rely on eco-driving.

This civic driving behavior called eco-driving limits the emission of greenhouse gases, responsible for global warming, while reducing the risk of accidents and your score. To consume as little as possible, check your tires regularly. Because “under-inflated tires or tires in poor condition can increase your fuel consumption by 4%!”, told us Pierre Chasseray, spokesperson for the association 40 million motorists.

Also adopt a flexible driving style, without sudden braking, anticipate deceleration and limit your speed to 10 km/h.

In addition to these eco-gestures, you can manage to limit costs as soon as you fill up your fuel at the pump. Check out 8 techniques in the slideshow above.