The supply of helium worldwide is sharply decreased, as a result, even large increases in price. This is not just birthday parties, in the compromise, it is an inert gas, as well as the blowing up of the balloons wide variety of applications in the industrial and medical sectors. Below are more MRI scanners are cooled by liquid helium.

According to the federal institute for geosciences and resources (BGR), the available all over the world heliumvoorraad by 2018 to its lowest level since 2003. In addition to the technical issues, the most important country to the United States, the particular delivery issues in Qatar, and have a role in this. “There did not find the production by 27 per cent to 27.9 million cubic metres,” said Harald Elsner of the BGR.

now, as to Why the production is from china, as a big decline had, according to Elsner are not clear. It would also be there to be able to go in to technical issues or delays during the start-up of a new heliumfabriek. The production of liquefied natural gas, helium, is created as a by-product in the extraction of natural gas is from last year, however, has increased.

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