With heartache know Joakim Sveningsson and Daniel Johansson. Because it was the cardiac pain, which ultimately led to the founding of their Band Friska Viljor (Swedish for “fresh will”). In 2005, the two musicians had been abandoned by their former Friends, which led them to a piss-up in Stockholm at the end of you in a recording Studio landed and spontaneously some of the love sick songs one rods. The result pleased them so well that they used these Songs for an Album. This debut with the self-conscious title of “Bravo!” was released in 2006 and made the leap in the Swedish Charts. In the following year, the Album was also released in Germany. A first club tour of the two, who had previously tried in Hamburg, also as a street musician.

Christian Riethmüller

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

The mixture of poppy melodies, as well as Folk, Indie-Rock and Electro in the sight of the audience, the subsequent albums sold better and better, the venues were larger and were followed by invitations to renowned summer festivals such as the “Hurricane Festival”. In 2015, the Band, the one that is growing in the case of concerts, the five members decided to have a longer break – also to the family.

Down into the valley of tears

lead singer Joakim Sveningsson, the man with the blond mane, and had to step in this time, however, Once again into the valley of the tears down. As he said in various Interviews, he was abandoned by his wife and two children, what had plunged him into a life crisis. The Band he would want to resolve, but was by Daniel Johansson prevented.

The suffering friend end up convinced to grasp again the pain in songs, what you hear on the new Album “Broken”. Pensive has not sounded, the Band never minded the usual Good-mood-Sound of Sweden on the counter. At their concerts, the Swedes rely on proven masher like “Bite Your Head Off” or “Shotgun Sister”. The grief has definitely Pause.