The biggest threat to the retail industry has six letters and begins with A. Striking is the growing importance of the Online business with the industry leader Amazon name. But also the Friedrichsdorf trade Association knows that this Trend cannot be this encounter that brings the goods to the customer’s home. Therefore, he tried reasonably, to sell his delivery service as Amazon-competition. Because the offer is more than just a gain in convenience.

of Course, the customers benefit from this, if you don’t have to lug heavy groceries all the way home, the already scheduled regular standard shopping, or the way to save the city, if time is short. The Service is intended not primarily as a substitute for the purchase in the business. Because the fresh goods right in front of the eyes lead to their advantage over the picture in the Internet. As well as the advice of real people. For the merchant, the delivery service is rather an additional plus, your offer can complement each other: If we are to bring you the purchase – pretty please.

many do now. The optics masters at older customers, the travel Agency owner, who threw in on the way home quickly select the desired catalog delivery of the service is, for many business people it is not the invention of proximity to the customer. But the concerted action focuses on these Strengths. In Detail, improvements are certainly possible. A payment mode, even for small amounts, would open up new possibilities. But even now, the great consent to a continuation of the delivery service is remarkable, will initially be until Easter, and tested.