the Unbroken demand, ever-increasing prices: in the past year, the prices for property have climbed the flats on the tense of the Frankfurt real estate market. “In simple locations, there are hardly any new homes for less than 6000 euros per square meter,” said Michael Debus by the expert Committee of the city for real estate values on Thursday on the Frankfurt real estate market in 2018.

The prices for a new condominium to be increased in comparison to 2017 by 12.5 percent to an average of 6130 Euro per square meter of living space. Especially in downtown-the middle of the city, the prices are still significantly higher. Overall, the number of purchases of residential and commercial real estate with an estimated 6300, although declining compared to 7043 transactions of the previous year. The turnover of 7.4 billion euros, rose by 2018, however, still continue to 2017, it was 7.3 billion euros.

in view of this development, the Trend to a large-scale Housing in Frankfurt was finally over, said head of Planning Mike Joseph (SPD). “It’s going to be more rooms on a smaller area”. In the case of very small apartments the square meter prices rose at the strongest. So apartments with an area had to be paid in the new small-up to 30 square meters on average, 7431 Euro per square meter of living space, while the new building prices for apartments with a size of 111 to 130 square meters, were on average 6000 Euro per square meter of living space.