The title “La forza del destino” (“destiny”) implies that in this Opera by Giuseppe Verdi, something Immutable. This is not the case, however, has now explained the film’s Director Tobias Kratzer. In his staging of the work at the 27. January in the Frankfurt Opera Premiere. Now scratch, Born in 1980, and in November, as the best music Director in the theatre with the “Faust explained” award, his point of view, the traditional launch event of the “Opera”.

Guido Holze

a Freelance writer based in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

Because the fatal shot, the release from the gun of Don Alvaro, was preceded by “racial exclusion” and a very man-made family Drama: Don Alvaro has a different skin color, and therefore, the Marchese of Calatrava and his daughter is forbidden to have a relationship with this “mongrel”. As the Marquis, surprised the loving couple, the shot, and the two are separated in their attempt to escape Leonora’s rachsüchtigem brother Carlo from each other. This main action, jump across countries and time borders, but it is basically relatively easy, was a scratch.

Many of the Dead and the Film einspieler

in Between, you lose, however, as a spectator, the protagonists of the eyes, by the whole third act will be dedicated to a war, which was linked to the main plot only “very loosely”, the dramaturge Konrad Kuhn. With this structure, the Opera was commissioned Verdi in 1862 in St. Petersburg for the premiere, for example, of Tolstoy’s novel “war and peace remember,” said scratch. It was “a very Russian piece”. Each of the six scenes serve also a completely different Genre, from the Melodramatic to the Grotesque. Especially in the third act of Verdi to turn to a “hard cut” that almost “quick Collage” to emergent.