The largest traffic airport in Germany is a “silent airport”. In the noise of hundreds of people with roll bags, not phoning the airport employees and the General background noise of the terminal halls opens up equal, which is why the Frankfurt Airport is a silent airport. Nevertheless, it is fashionable in comparison to earlier times, more silence, insured Dennis the wild shepherd, head of terminal services at airport operator Fraport. In the public terminal area waivers, the airport now on flight exclamations, with which the Boarding is announced.

“If anyone says to this point in time shop before the security check, not he manages mostly anyway,” says wild shepherd. Even more important: “In the case of continuous sound listening with really important by say no more about it,” says wild shepherd of the step to the “silent” airport, also international to the major air transport hubs will increasingly be taken. This is for instance the case, if the terminal areas are cordoned off because of a suspicious item or weather turbulence, swirl the flight plan by each other.

No exception without a rule

The Boarding Call can now trigger the carriers on its own if you open the Gate. “Two per flight,” says wild shepherd. Also at the departure terminal, the noise level should remain finally manageable.

These announcements are already stored, when the staff prepare for the Boarding of the passengers. By the push of a button, the General call and the “final call” can be triggered. The announcements are pre-defined from sound snippets and automated.

However, no exception without a rule, – if necessary, furthermore, passengers can call by name by the staff of the airport. For example, if a passenger has left the magazine to purchase, or in a Duty-free Shop wallet and ID. Short-term gate exchange will remain an Extra-announcement value.

“If you are stumbling again, call the nothing”

with Such name by Fraport speak-employees, such as, for example, Thomas Bach of your work in the Integrated command and control centre into the microphone. Also, the German native speakers can usually easily in the other standard languages of English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

“When you are stumbling times,” says Bach, who has been working for about 20 years at the airport. This is because the say not to go live over the speakers, but will be checked in the recording Studio once again. If necessary, there is a new Version.