Frank Vercauteren (62), was today presented as the new T1 of the RSC Anderlecht. Last week, on Thursday, the club of which Vercauteren, Simon Davies would be the follow-up. In an official press release put Vercauteren right to the finishing touches. The seasoned pro didn’t like the questions, and then sent them to be self-confident that the content of the talk. “We are in the Neighbourhoods. Not a Manchester City or Barcelona, spain. We need to build our own image, our own football, as well as our own results. But the philosophy of Kompany we are going to do anything.”

Vercauteren was a bit of an explanation about his retirement in the OHL. “Contrary to what people may think, it was not a easy choice to have VIEWS to the left. But the agreements were clear. In the beginning I had a certain freedom is demanded of my role within the club. I wanted to be able to do what I can to make myself the best, and nothing else. At this time, that is, something other than the OH Leuven in belgium.”

Why choose for Anderlecht, then?” “For a number of reasons. Anderlecht remains at the club. And, in addition, there are the ambitions, the goals, and the potential here for something greater. This is, for me, is a step up. I see this as a significant step forward.”

now, Vercauteren was known as a coach is that realistic football is. A philosophy that is at odds with the romantic, slightly naive football Kompany? “I’m going to have someone with the DNA of Anderlecht? I’m still not someone who can be a ball just like that wegstampte? Every coach wants to play a game. But sometimes you have to be as a coach, even a bad play and win. Good football is always my task have been to. However, there is a difference between being good at, and things to give away to the opposing team. That last one, I’m not planning to do so. In that respect, I might have to be realistic, yes.”

the new huisfilosofie promised that Vercauteren will not touch it. “There is only one vision, the coach will become clear. “I’m here to contribute to the success of the project. We are going to be the philosophy, and so also is not going to change. My goal is to get the line to move, and a couple of things to improve in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and results. I am not here to change everything. I’m here to do some things to improve on.”

In the next few days, it should be clear how everything will work out in practice will, inside of the coaching staff for the purple-and-white. But the one thing is after today to see the pleidoor from Anderlecht to man, but clear. Vincent Kompany is no longer the responsible person of the sports in the RSC Anderlecht. “It is clear that one of the measures to take. A decision-making process within a team, always a team-work. Each coach will consult with his or her assistants. But in the end, there will be one head coach that all the buttons say. That’s for sure. How do I get the co-operation with Kompany, see? As for the co-operation with my assistants. The only difference is that Kompany is not pure, as an assistant coach.”

finally, Vercauteren was still getting rid of the myth that Anderlecht, the Belgian little brother of the Man City can hope to be. “Man City is a different dimension to the experience. We need, therefore, is not about them or from them to try to copy it. The club may be one example, and there are certain things that we can learn from them. However, we should not have them to compare. We are Anderlecht, are not Man City or Barcelona. We need to build our own image, our own football, as well as our own results.”
More about the RSC Anderlecht, in Anderlecht, defends the role of Vincent Kompany as a player-manager Davies was not a shadow coach” In may, Anderlecht) Vincent Kompany for as a player-manager, you have to prove that he’s the coach, not to. Can I do that? Vincent Kompany will be able to be in Belgium, not a course more to come, Anderlecht are not the first club to issue certificates of qualification: Kortrijk, has already received a severe punishment, in Lier and had a coach, and even a blow-off