Despite the lack of four-to-five chance of a Club Brugge Wednesday, there is a logic to 0-2 victory been achieved in the field of Zulte Waregem, however, for a team that is as close to a Play-off-1 matches. After it was thuiscoach Francky Dury impressed by the Picturesque force. “We should be happy that we are able to only two time for them to play in a single season.

as For the match, watched the Club Brugge-trainer Philippe Clement. Essevee are already in the Play-off’s 1. This respect continued, even after the 0-2 win at the Club itself. “Zulte Waregem in recent weeks, a lot of good things to show you, and we’ll have our team well prepared to handle it. A fighter with a lot of experience, attitude and quality,” says Clements.

and That compliment was, however, in sharp contrast to the eulogy that is Francky Dury couldn’t live. “Club Brugge is like a machine,” said the coach of Zulte Waregem. “I’m Philippe, congratulations on the win, and I’m going to be honest, I really don’t who this team is going to plug. They really do have everything, but they can attack, defend and create chances, the ball and stick, space, force, etc. They will have ‘special category’ in the competition.”

Call-with-Philippe Clement

The coach of Zulte Waregem, believed that his team are still in luck, if what is blue black, so many opportunities left. “We should be glad that it was only 0 to 2 is. We should be glad that we are up against in Bruges, but twice to play in a single season. The veteran moderator was that there is ad rem here. “Four times”, he suggested. It was clear that he was not at the match and against other Bruges ( le Cercle) was referring to, but in the Play-off’s 1.

Dury, of the same generation as the moderator saw it and immediately sit down. “ ” Let’s hope, , that, to the extent that it comes in, and then I’m going to in advance, nevertheless, is definitely one to call, Philippe”, grinned Dury. And when he came to say goodbye to his new friend shook hands, he assured him that they would call if the Essevee are also in Play-off 1 will succeed.

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