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During the weekend took place in the waters of Gijón, the Championship of Asturias Snipe, race, organized by the Real Club Astur de Regatas, were held in the four sets scheduled, two per day, under a tour of windward-leeward with a duration of approximately 50 minutes.

on Saturday the wind blew from component north-west with a maximum intensity of 10 kts and sea level. On Sunday the wind roló in the north-east weaker, that, on the opening day, marking no more than 7 knots on the anemometer.

Francisco Palacio and Angela Pumariega, one of the couples favorite to win the title were the best in the first race of the day, occupying the second place in the regatta close of the day, and first in the overall standings. For his part, Jaime Alvarez-Hevia e Ignacio, Braña, who defended the title would end up in second position after logged a fourth and a first. Francisco Silvela and Carlota García-Mauriño, with two-thirds occupied this same position in the table. The fourth place was for the brothers Alvaro and Beatriz Joy with a second and a fifth in his locker.

The first race of Sunday, the win was for José Palacio and Alberto Suarez finishing in fourth place overall, second place in the sleeve was for, Jaime Alvarez-Hevia e Ignacio, Braña, followed by Francisco Silvela and Carlota Garcia-Maurino who came back to be third in the manga.

therefore, the excitement was maintained until the end of the Championship, where the last race would be decisive in the face to win the title. Francisco Silvela and Carlota Garcia-Maurino crossed first the finish line, a position that would give them third place overall, tied on points with, Jaime Alvarez-Hevia and Ignacio Braña runners-up, and ended up in fifth place on the sleeve. Francisco Palacio and Angela Pumariega with the second square in the last test proclaiming themselves Champions of Asturias.

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