In his three-Bay years ago and has used it to Kentin Mahé, the recreational advantages of the fjord-Region. With Mr Jacob Heinl Mahé owned a small boat to sail to the outer fjord in the direction of Denmark. The galleries of the border town he often visited, because he paints himself. With young graffiti artists, he was also on the way. Mahé is not only in his spare time, a lot of things interested free spirit, anything other than a professional who pursues his profession. Also on the football field, he was always the one who was in the corset, and on no fixed Position constraints. This has advantages and disadvantages.

The French national players in his seven Bundesliga years for the VfL Gummersbach HSV Hamburg and SG Flensburg-Handewitt is the ideal Joker. As throwing a strong left Half, as a surprising Director, even as a left-winger. But something was always lacking: for a backcourt player, Mahé is too small for a Director to be unpredictable, too playful for a left winger. “Precious Joker”, that was the term that was used in Hamburg and Flensburg for him.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

At the end of Kentin Mahé is his versatility, even fatal, because in the season, which was his most successful and last in the League, hasn’t played it to the end. As the SG Flensburg got to the end of may by tripping over the Rhein-Neckar Löwen, the unexpected Chance at the championship, continued Trainer Maik do Ulla on his master seven: It should just go wrong in the last three Games against weak opponents.

For Mahe in this security is no place construct. So he looked at the biggest national success of the SG since 2004, from the Bank. Mahé is not pulled back despite the Ausbootung in a Huff, with celebrated omitted, as permitted by the Situation. Curious, but There’s this one so much, but nothing so good that he finds a permanent place. This was, however, only for the Sport: has Integrated the internally popular and perfectly English-speaking Frenchman.

Also because of this history Kentin mahé dominant Occur as a French game-maker at this world Cup is amazing. Since July of 2018, the club Veszprems, Jersey, he has found his place: at the age of 27, he conducts the business in the best handball nation in this decade. The draw against Germany in the preliminary round of Mahé on trumped nerves strong and accurate. The following 23:22 against Russia, the important 33:30 against Spain, and on Sunday, as the defending Champions easily 31:22 won against Iceland, Mahé as a leader and a scorer. 29 goals in seven Games he managed.

It is Kentin gets Mahé good, the first play injured, and then traveled Nikola Karabatic played no dominant role in this Team. As a space became free in the middle, the Mahé occupies. Also in the case of the French, he belonged to all of the great Successes indeed, but always in the shadow of others. Now he says: “With 27 years role automatically.”