In less than two weeks, on 22. January, want to tie in with Chancellor Merkel and President Macron in Aachen in the Franco-German Treaty on cooperation and Integration – and thus to the Elysée Treaty of 1963. In stormy times like these, it is not the Worst, to deepen the cooperation between the two neighbors and the core countries of the EU, whether it is the Foreign and security policy or to the coexistence in border regions.

But is gemäkelt to the contract; to unambitious he is. You can see that, especially given the political climate. But one can also come exactly to the conclusion that much is to be taken in attack, which should generate added value for the citizens.

After all, the star of the young President is burning up, and Merkel is in the late autumn of her chancellorship. Everywhere there are forces, in France more than in Germany, which want to demolish the main place of co-operation, the EU. That would really be a betrayal of the German and French interests.