Foyleside Shopping Center in Derry has been reopened following an evacuation due to security alert.

There was “serious disruption” throughout the city, with many people having to evacuate the centre.

Police initially reported that a bomb was being placed at the complex on Tuesday. However, they later claimed the incident was a hoax.

Management of the centre tweeted that shops were reopened and customers were welcomed back following PSNI’s resolution.

Police earlier stated that pedestrians and motorists should avoid the area.


Gary Middleton, MLA, stated that the centre was evacuated.

SDLP MLA Cara Hunter tweeted “Very concerning to hear there was a security threat at Foyleside just moments ago.”

“I know that a lot of my constituents are there. We hope everyone in the area is safe. I also want to thank first responders who were so prompt.

Brian Tierney, SDLP councillor, said that there was serious disruption. “Members of society just going about their daily lives and people trying to make a living were forced from the centre as were businesses,” he said.

“Our businesses have had to go through hard times over the last few years, without having to close due to a bomb threat.

“While the alert is in effect, these businesses will lose out on vital revenue. It’s another kick in their teeth for people trying to keep their heads above the water and provide services here.” This is the second security alert in our city today, after one in the Hawkin Street neighborhood on Tuesday morning.

These incidents do nothing but cause disruption in our communities. I urge those responsible to stop this kind of stupid activity immediately. Anyone with information on either alert is encouraged to contact police immediately.