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After the fourth major mishap at Swisscom since the beginning of the year, the emergency numbers back again in the heart of the public interest. On Tuesday, the mobile network was down for three hours. Cantons such as Zug, Basel-Landschaft and Obwalden are not reported on the Alarm App alert Swiss, that’s why the emergency numbers and police were Central to reach.

This presentation, Swisscom denies: “calls to emergency services were not affected by the disorder and have to work. Analyses in our network to confirm that calls were put through.”

emergency numbers are a sore point

The government-related operation is not responding, therefore, so sensitive, because when the first power failure in January and during the third disorder in February, the emergency numbers in different cantons were, in fact, achievable.

This not only led to a loss of image for the market leader, because he is positioned as a quality provider. The policy intervened and demanded measures to ensure that emergency numbers to function fully.

Since February, the company have built-in relapse levels, according to the Swisscom now on request. In the event of a fault, the so-called dynamic routing have proven. Simply put, this System monitors the accessibility of emergency numbers constantly. A connection fails to recognize the technology, this is a malfunction, and routes the call automatically to a location that is accessible.

According to Swisscom, the blue-light organizations, in the meantime, in 23 cantons, the dynamic routing in full. In the 3 other cantons, the System is only partially in operation. To which the cantons are not answered by the company with regard to the Business of client confidentiality.

Contradictory to the latest Panne

the questions for the fault in the mobile network from this week: Why is Swisscom so sure that the emergency numbers are achievable? And why there were conflicting messages via the alert Swiss?

For emergency calls over the mobile phone network has a built-in operator technical alternatives via second connection paths when it comes to impairments. Therefore, a dynamic routing in this case was not necessary.

To mean the contradictory messages it at Swisscom, you stand in exchange with the blue-light organizations, and the Federal office for population protection. It is understood that the alert Swiss is an issue, since the authority operates this App.

the standard formulation in case of Alarm-App

As in the case of Swisscom, it is assumed that the alarm message alert Swiss on Tuesday has caused the confusion. The short message ended with the note that the Swisscom network, and no emergency numbers could be chosen.

The suspicion at the Telecom providers is that it is a standard formulation, which will spread a fault without the prior Review.

the Federal office for The protection of the population, confirmed these facts. It was not, however, competent to test power failures, the availability of emergency numbers.

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