the eiffel tower, five people are killed in an attack on the hoofdcommissariaat of the police department in Paris, france. The offender penetrated the office and threw himself into the different people attending. He was shot and killed by a police officer.

The attack was on Thursday at around 13 hours at the headquarters of the Paris police, Ile de la Cité, near the cathedral of Notre-Dame. It came with four people dead, and at least one other person was injured.

the other agent, was the perpetrator of the west, has died. It’s going to be a deaf-mute man, who, according to the French media for over twenty years in the Paris police department and worked as an administrative clerk in the department of information.

“The suspected perpetrator is in his own office, began with the commission of the offence, and then to other places on the banks fail,” says union official Loïc Travers. It is provisionally assumed to be of a personal or internal conflict, the result is in the video.

the Witness: “I saw the policemen with tears”

“I heard a sudden shot,” a witness at Le Parisien. “And for me, there were only the agents who have all of their weapon bovenhaalden. I was very surprised to see that it was shot on, because you don’t think something like this can happen. At first I thought it to be a suicide attempt, for example, there are a lot of. Immediately after that, I saw the cops in tears. That’s when I knew that it was serious and had to be. The police officers were in a panic, and everyone was walking everywhere.”

President, the prime minister and the minister’s on-the-spot.

The politieprefectuur in the historic center of the city, it has been switched off, the emergency services are on site. The Minister of Home Affairs, mr Christophe Castaner, has a planned visit to Turkey and moved in the place came to be. Also, the president and Emmanuel Macron, and prime minister Edouard-Philippe, come to the place in the video.

The video is done in only one day, in Paris, of 26,000 police officers on the street to come in for a “march of anger”. They complained about was the worsening of working conditions in the police force and the high number of zelfdodingen to agents.

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