can jump a jump, Markus eisenbichler, in the bedroom down? At the Bergisel will show this Friday (14 hours/ F. A. Z.-liveticker for the four-hills-tournament and ARD), whether the flight of talented upper Bayer continues to be in the exciting and close battle for the title in the four-hills-tournament. Or whether the Japanese flight genius Ryoyu Kobayashi wins again a world Cup jumping and, with three Wins in a row course to Bischofshofen, glory, honor, and Golden eagle.

Ralf Weitbrecht

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

Wednesday was a day of rest. Time to join the forces to get a clear head and take in the snowy Seefeld team headquarters a little athletics training in order to remain in the river. “With all of this, what I’m doing currently, I’m pretty sure,” said Eisenbichler, the Second of the overall standings, has created with his brilliant ideas of Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen is an excellent base for the second tour half. That he has taken in the future world Cup in Seefeld “to a little distance from all the hustle and bustle,” that was right and important-even if it was for the qualifications necessarily beneficial. As in Oberstdorf, where he was in a Competition the day after the Second, he failed at the qualifying jump. “Now, I have a trashed,” said Eisenbichler, who had in his rocking flight, with the arms rowed, and after 116 meters, and landed. “It was not a grenade, but it is only the qualification, thank God.”

Kobayashi flies and flies

His great rival, Kobayashi, presented at the Bergisel more in the victory mode, and decided to 126.5 metres in the qualification. Werner Schuster wanted to jump iron bichlers, with the he 32. was not overestimated. “Markus is with us the Pace,” said the national coach on the new relations of forces in the Springer Crew of the German ski Federation (DSV).

Actually, Richard Freitag and Andreas Wellinger for the 67. Edition of the cross-border flight trust pleasure the most. But you were right in the swing. A few weeks before the tour, Karl Geiger and Stephan Leyhe brought in position. But also you, the big jumps were denied. Now with iron Bichler someone in the view point is moved, is regarded as a training world champion, in a Competition, but mostly the expectations jumped, underscoring the large width of the German squad. Full of Pride, Schuster said before the onward journey from the new year’s jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the third tour, the station to Innsbruck: “Twice already we have had now twelve of our Springer is among the best fifty in the world. This shows that our structures agree. The national group has done a good Job.“

And especially: Constantin Schmid. He allowed for the direction of Klingenthal Continental Cup departed Severin Freund after the two good competitions in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Innsbruck and Bischofshofen show that he learned a lot and the distance to the supposedly Great in the Team has reduced.

Eisenbichler knows his Chance

Also Markus Eisenbichler has during the previous tour days and learned a lot. Especially like this: Like be the defeat of the Dominator, this ski-in winter, it is even difficult to put pressure on you but the German is probably the Japanese Kobayashi. “Markus is now showing his level, but he is the Challenger,” Schuster said. “It is the dominant leads to the end of man.” Followed by a confidence-dripping 27-year-old victory of the villages, “with each leap self-secure,” as Schuster. “It is very pleasing that mark is very close.”