White Chaos in Bischofshofen: Heavy snowfall on Saturday to cancel and Reconvene the qualification for the final jumping of the four hills tournament. In the course of the day, about a Meter of new snow had fallen, around Bischofshofen warning level 4 (extreme weather warning).

the two training were first passages. Around 15.55 PM, the cancellation of the for 17.00 proposed qualifications, which will now take place on Sunday (14: 30) immediately prior to the 17.00 hours (in the F. A. Z.-liveticker for the four-hills-tournament and in the ZDF and Eurosport) for the next Competition that would be played in K. o., but in the usual world Cup-mode.

The German Springer to the total second Markus Eisenbichler had not commenced at the time of the cancellation the way to the Paul except Leitner hill, waited relaxed in the team hotel. “In sum, it is a bit of a shame. A couple of training jumps would have done us quite well. But under these conditions it makes little sense. We hope to have a better weather,“ said national coach Werner Schuster.

For Sunday are hot, although not as heavy snowfall. The Competition could also be held, without qualification, all of the 66 reported jumpers, however, must be held according to the regulations, it is essential that a sample passage. Open the process remains in a cancellation of the jumping on Sunday. A Plan C it’s not, not yet, said Walter Hofer, race Director of the world ski Federation FIS, in the ORF: “We are fully geared and good things that we meet on Sunday to Plan B.”