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A masterpiece attributed to Banksy, a tribute to the victims of the attacks of November 2015 in Paris that was stolen in 2019, has been found by the Italian police in the region of Abruzzo.

“we have Recovered door stolen at Bataclan with a work of Banksy that depicts a sad girl,” said a high official of police in Teramo, in the center of the country. The operation in the country, alpine was started at the request of the French police and has been carried out in their presence, as has been clarified the officer.

Tomorrow is scheduled for press conference of the prosecutor of L’aquila, the capital of the region of Abruzzo, where they found the piece.

This work of the street artist was painted on a back door of the hall shows of paris, Bataclan, in the form of tribute to the place where were killed 90 people on November 13, 2015, during a series of attacks by jihadists that beat Paris. The piece had been stolen in January 2019 .

According to The newspaper la Repubblica, which has declarations of the prosecutor of L’aquila, the door it was found in a farm in the countryside of Abruzzo.

The operation was performed in a search ordered by the prosecutor’s office and this discovery was possible thanks to the investigations of the public prosecutor’s office in collaboration with the police and the justice French , ” said the prosecutor in the newspaper.

Made with a stencil and white paint, the work attributed to Banksy represents a character female sad-looking and was painted on one of the emergency exits, located in the back Bataclan , by the audience the concert of Eagles of Death Metal escaped during the terrorist attack.

This theft was awakened by a “deep outrage” , in the words of the team Bataclan. This “they took away the symbol of all residents, parisians, and citizens of the world was removed,” she lamented, with a country profoundly marked by the brutal attack.