Fortnite is a highly competitive battle royale game. Chapter 3 Season 1 allows players to speak to NPCs to hire them to assist with their opponents’ defeats. Even better, they will be difficult to defeat and the NPCs will earn eliminations for the player.

Each week brings new NPCs, so the NPCs that you can hire will be changing. After you have found an NPC, you must pay 85 Gold to get them to join your team. If this is not an issue, you can check the below list to see who is available for hire. You can always check this list again to see if there are any new characters.

  • 1. Agent Jones: Agent Jones can be found at the logjam lumberyard outpost northwest. However, his location changes over time. You might find him at the outpost northeastern of The Daily Bugle or in the outpost southwest Greasy Grove. He could also be found at the outpost east Chonker’s Speedway.

  • 2. Lt. John Llama is just north of Covert Cavern and will be hanging out in a cabin.

  • 3. Galactico: This is the athlete’s location in Titled Tower’s soccer field, located in the middle.

  • 4. The Visitor: The Visitor can be hired by finding him on the largest island located on the east side.

  • 5. Jonesy The First: The most well-known Jonesy is located in his home at the northeast end of The Joneses.

  • 6. Brainiac – This strange variant of Jonesy can be found in the middle of The Joneses. It is usually seen pacing in circles.