Leading members of the banned Turkish-nationalist street gang “Ottomans Germania BC” are more years of imprisonment or youth have been sentenced. The former Stuttgart President, according to the judgment of the district court of Stuttgart from Thursday to six and a half years in prison. The former so-called Vice-President of the World received a prison sentence of three years and four months. Against two defendants – including the former “world President” – were given suspended sentences. The group should be in part of southern Hesse from. (Az.: 3 KLs 201 Js 117340/16.

The seven defendants in the age between 20 and 47 years, were, among others, dangerous assault, extortion and drug offences. Of the original allegations of attempted murder and attempted manslaughter, moved for the prosecution and the chamber in the course of the ten-month process.

The rock similar gear had been banned because of danger to the public in July 2018 nationwide. According to the court, in the trial, but not to the political Dimension of the “Ottomans”, but the band crime and internal punishment actions, for example, the brutal action against a renegade member of the baden-württemberg, Herrenberg, in the year 2017. The former head of the “Ottomans” in the casting were about to beat the teeth out and he was shot in the thigh.