The former Boxing world champion Regina Halmich (Karlsruhe) has been used for many years by a Stalker harassed. The SWR, the 42-Year-old said: “There was a Fan who wanted more. And he lay in wait for me everywhere, no matter which one of my performances, when I came to, he was always already there.“ The man had a special mesh. “He had a self-baked pie, he wanted to give me. What I found initially, really nice –because he had given so much trouble –made me a queasy feeling,“ said Halmich.

He have always want to get close to you, the personal contact is wanted, and thought that he could create the about the homemade pies. “At some point, he was so pushy that I had to be protected at every one of my performances of Bodyguards in front of him. He has not simply abandoned. A whole three years it went like this,“ Halmich, from 1995 to 2007, undefeated world champion in the women’s Boxing popular in Germany.

the Stalker had Stopped only when he met another woman. It’s all you “busy for a long time. I wanted to talk never about it, but now after a long time, it’s okay,“ said Halmich. After-effects left by the events yet. “I can see since then, no pies more, because then I have to think constantly of this Situation. Thank God I can smile now about that“, said Halmich.