The former chess world champion Vladimir Kramnik has ended his career in the game of kings. After a Simultaneous competition against Dutch parliamentarians and journalists in The Hague, the 43-year-old Russian said: “I decided months ago, with the chess to stop. After my last tournament, I want to make it public.“

Kramnik had won the championship title in 2000 in a duel with his countryman Garry Kasparov. Seven years later, he had to leave after a defeat against the Indian Viswanathan Anand to the chess throne. Kramnik failed a year later at the world Cup in Bonn, when attempting to Anand for the title to decrease again.

“The life as a professional chess player was a great trip. I am the sport of Chess thankful for everything he has given me,” said Kramnik, who pointed to the UPS and downs in his career: “Sometimes it was difficult sometimes more successful than I ever imagined. In any case, but it was an invaluable personal experience.“