The mass publication of private data of politicians and artists has become well-known through calls from Unknown in the case of the SPD politician Martin Schulz. The German press Agency (dpa) has learned from security circles. The information, according to an employee of the former top candidate of the social Democrats on Thursday had informed the police in Aachen, Schulz had been called by Strangers on his non-public number. Then, the Landeskriminalamt of North Rhine-was, according to the Westphalia active. The Bundestag learned in the night that many other members are affected.

A previously unknown Twitter Users had in December – largely unnoticed – lists with phone numbers, addresses, and other data of Celebrities on the net. The Stranger who called Schulz, not to be rude. According to information from security circles, the tone of the conversations was “neither threatening nor offensive”.

Greens leader Robert Habeck and the Green MP Konstantin von Notz reimbursed, meanwhile, is due to the publication of data on the Internet criminal complaint against Unknown. The two are among the Affected, of which many data are in the network. He had reported the case on Friday morning, said von Notz of the dpa. How could it come to the data theft, was not yet perfectly understandable. “The data are very diverse, from different time periods. It is very annoying.“ A party spokesman for the Greens said the editorial network Germany (RND) and the dpa, also Habeck have filed a complaint. The Parliamentary Manager of the Green group, Britta Haßelmann, did this as you said the RND. The rate you to all Concerned. Haßelmann admonished the security agencies, the attack quickly to inform. The topic of IT-security should be dealt with in the relevant committees in the Bundestag.