the ministry of Foreign affairs and Finnair will organize on Friday the three evacuation flight to Finland. Flights are intended to bring home those Finnish tourists who are still in the world.

The three flights arriving from Cyprus as well as Portugal, Faro and Madeira. The flights are opened for sale to finnair’s ticket sales system, the MFA told me.

– These items is the selection of the representation from our data obtained on the basis of the. Each item has ten Finnish tourists, without the actual other opportunities to return to Finland. In addition, regulatory restrictions, in particular in Cyprus, the situation is complicated considerably, noted the MFA’s release of the consular unit chief Antti your horses .

UM informed yesterday, on Tuesday, the principle of the decision, pursuant to which it receives support from repatriation flights to Finland, if a commercial option to return is not found.

Finland airport are health care professionals. Return to players redirected directly to the home quarantine and they are advised to avoid public transport movement on his way home.

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