106,3 million – Roger Federer, now earns more than Messi, Ronaldo and neymar is now the most successful tennis player in the world is the number 1 in the worldwide sports: According to the U.S. magazine “Forbes” has taken in the last 12 months, no system in the world, the Athlete more.Marco Keller0 comment not only Bill Gates is rich, Roger Federer it is. According to “Forbes” he has earned in the last year was 106.3 million dollars. Photo: KeystoneAuf the second place Cristiano Ronaldo is. He earned 105 million. Photo: Keystone”Only” in 4th place is the Brazilian Neymar. He earned under $ 100 million. 95.5 million namely. Photo: Keystone1 / 4

106,3 millions of dollars – before tax – to Roger Federer, according to “Forbes” in the period of the survey deserves . 6.3 million dollars of prize money, alone on $ 100 million of his income from sponsors contracts and the commencement of estimated funds for Exhibitions. Was relieved to be jumping to the very top by the simultaneous decline in the salary of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who suffered as a result of the Coronavirus severe cuts. The Portuguese, with $ 105 million, and the Argentine (104) complete the Podium.

Federer his impressive career adds to a more specific brand: never before has a tennis player led in this Ranking, which is collected by “Forbes” since 1990. He himself had 2013 2. Ranking, in the previous year, he was Fifth. He is the ninth athlete on court 1.

“will says, His influence is still greater”

“Federer’s Image is impeccable,” said David Carter, Sports business Professor at USC Marshall School of Business, “therefore, those who can afford a connection with him, do everything to do this.” And John Jay from the Japanese outfitter Uniqlo, in which Federer since 2018 under the contract is, believes that he has not yet reached the Maximum, although he is definitely in the late autumn of his active career: “We believe that the influence of Roger Federer is still greater. Of course, this is driven from his Status as the Greatest of all time, but Rogers ‘ ability to bring the world positive changes, is his and our future.”

Federer’s sponsorship Portfolio of 13 brands was under active athletes is unmatched, says the renowned US magazine. Between 3 and 30 millions of dollars these companies will have to pay for a partnership with the 20-times Grand-Slam winner in a year. Before Federer, another active Athlete in a calendar year was only 100 million with sponsorship taken: Golfer Tiger Woods, who led the Ranking of twelve times.

basketball players are the richest

The Corona-pandemic, made the richest athletes stop: for the First time in four years, the income of the 100 highest-earning athletes declined, you take in total before deduction of the taxes of “only” 3.6 billion US dollars. A further decline for the next year seems inevitable.

In the Top 100 on most of the basketball player, 35, and thus the same as in the previous year are listed, followed by American Football (31). Baseball experienced with the decrease from 15 to 1 athletes the biggest break-in.

The Top 10 best paid athletes in 2020, according to Forbes (in millions of dollars):

1. Roger Federer (Sz/Tennis) 106,3 Million. 2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Por/Football) 105. 3. Lionel Messi (Arg/Football) 104. 4. Neymar (Bra/Soccer) And 95.5. 5. LeBron James (USA/Basketball) to 88.2. 6. Stephen Curry (USA/Basketball) at 74.4. 7. Kevin Durant (USA/Basketball) and 63.9. 8. Tiger Woods (USA/Golf) to 62.3. 9. Kirk Cousins (USA/American Football) a 60.5. 10. Carson Wentz (USA/American Football) to 59.1.

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