Izegem –

The City court of first instance, has the two young men have been sentenced to suspended prison sentences of, respectively, 1 and 2 years, for assault and battery, and theft. They were considered two of the fishermen, in Izegem, because their is no lift to give. After that, who they are, a wallet, and threw all of the fishing gear on the market. “Totally disrespectful,” said the prosecutor.

The facts date back to april of 2018. When some of the young people, and their train is missed, they decided to take a walk. Along the canal in Izegem were two nachtvissers against it. They were asked whether they have cigarettes in my pocket and got a couple of cigars. After that, they asked them for a lift, wanted to give up, but saw that the fishermen are not. It was the atmosphere of is grim. The six were in two groups, each of which is one of the men attacked. After that, they took a wallet out of the truck, and kieperden they have all the fishing tackle on the market. One of the victims was a broken nose on it.

The two-unit sit down for about five months in the pretrial, and others have been minor and have been made available to the juvenile court judge. The first accused, was on Monday convicted and sentenced to a suspended prison sentence of 2 years or more occasions. He needs to get treatment for his agressieprobleem, and the guidance to follow it. If he does not, then he disappears for two months in the county jail. The second defendant claimed during the trial that he was just in the ones that the others tried to stop it, but there it was, the court is not involved. He was given a prison sentence of 1 year in one or more occasions. The parties they have it all together 8.300 euro.