For the selection of judges in Federal Bern, Blocher affair brings judge candidate points Asan the Basel Alberto Fabbri (CVP) is running a man for the Federal court, was a spectacular Failure-investigations in the recent Swiss justice story in a leading role met. Benjamin Gafner6 Kommentare6Der 53-year-old Alberto Fabbri wants to leave office as the first Prosecutor in the Canton of Basel-city and a Federal judge in Bellinzona be.Photo: Aissa Tripodi

there was Initially in the court of Commission no Opposition, as the conservative Valais, CVP-Ständerat Beat Rieder, the President of Basel’s chief Prosecutor Alberto Fabbri as a judge candidate for the Federal criminal court ported. It was only when his Name was more widely known, excited the resistance. To deny this peaked at the last group meeting of the SVP, the decided to Fabbri at the election of the next Wednesday of all of the votes.

The group accuses the judge candidate to have in 2007, the then Prosecutor of the Federal audit Commission in the affair to Federal Prosecutor Roschacher misled. SVP-group chief Thomas Aeschi, says: “It is not to be assumed that Alberto Fabbri has the character characteristics, to meet the high requirements, which are linked to one of the highest judicial positions.”

The suspicion was based on an incorrect interpretation of

Actually Alberto Fabbri in the same year, a supporting role, as high-ranking representatives of the Federal government, the audit Commission of the national Council of astray advocacy led played. There had been a conspiracy to oust Federal Prosecutor Roschacher, in the former Federal councillor Christoph Blocher involved had been reported by Fabbri of the Parliament of representatives.

the competent GPK-sub-Committee presented the alleged evidence for the outrageous Plan. The presentation included pictures of a flip chart, which came from a private banker, which was, in turn, accused of money laundering.

The records of the bankers (who was later spoken to by the way across the line) were a Central subject of a misinterpretation Fabbris and his comrades-in-arms. The allegations, which included, indirectly, the allegations of corruption against a then well-known journalists, proved to be as baseless.

The media were then agreed in the assessment, Prosecutor Fabbri (and ally) would have let it get to a professional investigative work are missing. The misguided GPK even came up in your investigation report with a view to Fabbris presentation at the end: “This coverage was assumed that the facts were secured, which proved in retrospect to be wrong.”

investigators in Uniform

a second spectacular MIS-calculation on the account of Alberto Fabbri. He was an investigator in the so-called CIA-Fax-affair, this time for the military justice system. In this case, the learned media huge attention, ended in 2007 with the method settings. Also free are three former “view”-journalists have been spoken in a parallel process. The alleged offence of breach of military secrets was not given from the beginning, even.

The military justice system looked after Fabbris investigations, the months of phone taps and week included lengthy pretrial detention, to the communication forced, “and the remaining procedures set in the CLA-Fax-affair . The accused is a satisfaction to have been awarded.” The circumstances – and it was at that time – under which a classified document, the intelligence service (“CIA-Fax”) to “Sunday view” was, was never clarified. Fabbri was investigating the Wrong people.

Startled by the criticism, ordered the CVP-top of their candidate on Wednesday a short-hand to Bern to follow-up. Group President Andrea Gmür-Schönenberger, said: “We have reviewed all objections.” You hold on to the candidacy. And Alberto Fabbri says on request, he’ll take the decision of the SVP to the attention of. To plot-affair, he says, his actions had been legally and lawfully classified tested. The compulsory measures in the case of the CIA-Fax-affair would be held to judicial scrutiny.

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