SVP-President – For Rösti, the Federal Council currently has too much MachtDas emergency legislation should be repealed and the alone terminated the rule of the Federal Council, the SVP party President Albert Rösti. 0 comments”A second nationwide Lockdown, we will not endure”: SVP-President Albert Rösti. (Archive image)Keystone/Anthony Anex

The Federal Council and the Federal office of public health have wealth, in the view of the Swiss people’s party to power, party President Albert Rösti currently, due to the corona crisis, a large. The supremacy of the Federal Council should be terminated immediately.

The emergency legislation should be repealed, called Rösti in an Interview with the daily newspaper “Blick”. Although the Parliament was, according to the Corona-induced break in the political life. This is a good thing. But the Parliament’m currently in a bad case.

Rösti calls for return to federalism

It was even spoken even more money for special interests than by the Federal Council is required. So you could, for example, according to rosti, the Problem of day-care centres (kindergartens) level is a matter for the can of the cantons.

There is a need for a return to federalism. A second shaft, the cantons should have a lot more leeway of what measures they wanted to respond. “A second nationwide Lockdown, we don’t suffer,” said rosti.

In the rest of the economy and society are not opposed. A healthy economy is a prerequisite for a healthy population. The protection measures for the containment of Coronavirus were important and right. But you would have to be configured such that economies remain possible.

(SDA / chk)

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