The city of Wuppertal has decided the planning and construction of a Pina-Bausch-and-center. The city Council announced Monday night the green light for the currently 58.4 million Euro expensive project. At the center performances, an archive and a reminder of the 2009 deaths world-renowned choreographer to be bundled. The Federal government assumes half of the costs, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia EUR 12.5 million. For the remainder of the amount of 16.7 million euros in the city.

2025 is planned the opening. Also, the Foundation should come in the Salomon Bausch, the artistic heritage of his mother, together with 38.000 photos, 3900 Videos and other documents tabled. The dance theatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch, where it should occur.

care of the work of the artist as a cultural heritage

the city and the country want to maintain with the center of the work of the artist as a national and international cultural heritage. The Federal government has says in addition to promoting the construction of more than ten million euros for a substantive start-up phase as well as expected cost increases.