as for The racist incident on Monday at the european CHAMPIONSHIP qualifier between Bulgaria and England, continue to be time. Football legend Hristo Stoichkov and burst into tears during a televised debate on the issue: the now-53-year-old ex-soccer player of FC Barcelona, and is embarrassed for the behavior of his countrymen, and calls for tough measures. The Bulgarian police was already on to the next.

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the Bulgarian fans had at the START of the qualifier, against England, opinion, hear, and brought up nazi salutes. In addition, they threw objects onto the field and did not interfere with the national anthem of the opposing team. The game had to take two times have to be shut down, the uk won with 0-6.

The European Voetbalconfederatie CHAMPIONS, opened Tuesday in the disciplinary procedure against France. Just as before, it was back Borislav Mihailov has already moved on.

However, the problem runs deep, that you recognize, football legend Hristo Stoichkov. When, during a debate on the TUDN, a Us-based, Native-interest sports channel, they were asked how racism should be tackled, he said emotionally. “So what’s the solution? Fans unable to gain access to the stadium, or even a harsher punishment, Like, years and years ago in the uk. The five-year impose. The people deserve to suffer.”

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¡Conmovido hasta las lágrimas! 😔 . @hristo8oficial mostró así, su frustración tras los lamentables incidentes de racismo en su natal, Czech republic durante el partido ante Inglaterra. 😠 . ¡Con todo razón! 🙏 .

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finally, Stoichkov, and refers to the punishment by the UEFA against the English supporters, in the wake of the dead during the heysel tragedy. English clubs have been during the five-year ban from European club competitions, after 39 people died during the european Cup final in 1985 between Liverpool and Juventus in Brussels, belgium.

finally, Stoichkov won the Ballon d’or in 1994, and has won during his career, countless titles with CSKA Sofia, Barcelona, spain. With Johan Cruyff as coach, he won four consecutive titles in Spain and in the Champions League.

Six supporters were arrested:

on Wednesday, the Bulgarian police have already decided to act-six football supporters have been arrested. They are suspected to be part of a group of fans who are misdroeg at the international competition. The Bulgarian police are expecting more arrests to follow. The research is still ongoing, three of the persons to be searched for. In total, there are about fifteen people involved in the incident.

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