Football in Germany: the Bundesliga, the world Cup Boom is to benefit


    When Frank Bohmann hits in the morning Newspapers, is amazed he’s in these days, what a wide space to the coverage of the national team plays. Bohmann is since 2003 managing Director of the German Handball League Association HBL; he has experienced crises and flights of “his” sport, he is one who thinks things through thoroughly and in moderation to the development of the League.

    Handball-world Cup in 2019, All of the games at a Glance

    For it is clear that the currently very healthy top of the class forms the Basis of this world Cup in Denmark and Germany, because 95 Active from the 28 rosters of the 24 participating countries deserve leagues of their money in the Federal government. “The attribute ,strongest League in the world’, we have to be right,” says Bohmann. Because there are also players from clubs such as GWD Minden (Magnus Gullerud, Norway), HC Erlangen (Petter Ă–verby, Norway) or Bergischer HC (Max That, Sweden), the pressurization of the world Cup stamp.

    The League is practically present everywhere, only in the current Hype to be the first DHB to be quite, as even the “Danish” part of this world Cup will disappear in Herning, with numerous Bundesliga players in the Scandinavian Teams in the German perception. Bohmann of the team before the semi-final against Norway grants on Friday (20:30 clock / live in the F. A. Z.-Liveticker for the Handball world Championships and ARD) of any Form of enthusiasm and support. Somehow, the football as a Whole benefits from it. He is also a Realist: “The TV stations and the big Newspapers will not report after the world Cup, of course, the THW, Flensburg and the lion as it is now on the national team.”

    The 54-year-old sports Manager has already made his mind for the time afterwards. On Sunday evening, this narrative is completed with fairy moves only once; however, in everyday life, the Bundesliga, the DHB Cup and the Champions League. Bohmann says: “The clubs will certainly have regional positive effects, but we must not allow that now, suddenly, one thinks, now we show those in Paris time, where it goes long.”

    the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

    Paris St-Germain has roughly double the budget of the THW Kiel; captain Uwe Gensheimer earned in the French capital allegedly half a Million Euro gross in the year. If Bohmann responsive to the possible challenge of Paris, has his own reasons. The world title in 2007 and the former enthusiasm were two patrons in the Bundesliga invest, Andreas Rudolph and Jesper Nielsen. With their entry into the football many millions and promises. Rudolph had already begun in 2005 at the HSV, extended the sponsorship to 2007. Of HSV was also the winner thanks to his money the German champion and the Champions League before the end of a tough process, the insolvency in the year 2016, because Rudolph had withdrawn.

    Nielsen’s success between 2008 and 2012 were less impressive, and the Rhine-Neckar lions came through a pain-saving rate back to the legs. The Image of the League have been harmed by the negative headlines at the time.