Thomas Tuchel is only half a season in the French football Champions Paris Saint-Germain. But the hearts there, he has already conquered. Be the club with the expensive all-star ensemble cast to Neymar and Kylian Mbappé is in the League unchallenged on the table first. The biggest challenge, however, is the former coach of Borussia Dortmund. To be presented at the beginning of his engagement in Paris, the 45-Year-old is different than to experiencing many of his BVB-times had. After winning the Supercup Tuchel grabbed the microphone and began to sing the Song Happy by Pharell Williams. PSG experienced a new Tuchel – a ausgelasseneren, less serious and distant.

For him it was not but only of such phases. In the meantime, PSG threatened to the preliminary rounds in the Premier class. Tuchel is under pressure. “If we play shit, we play shit,” he shouted, after the defeat against Liverpool. A victory was needed. And Tuchel delivered: In the return game against Jurgen Klopp’s Reds PSG won. “For me, my coach is the best coach in the world,” said PSG Boss Nasser Al-Khelaïfi.

Also praises the French press. “Thomas Tuchel is as the best coach of this first part of the season,” summed up recently, the leading French sports newspaper “L’équipe”. PSG is already being praised as “possibly the best French team in history”. The position of the capital club in the Ligue 1 was no dominance, but the “absolute rule”. Is not otherwise Eulogies prone daily newspaper “Le Monde” says that the Tuchel-style-works – with “Rigor, character and bond with his players.” In the language – and style-conscious France is attributed to the ascetic acting Coach from the Swabian town of Krumbach in addition to speak French well.

As the former Dortmund introduced in may of last year, in Paris, to the Public, he promised, first, “to want a certain atmosphere” in the team. This seems to be done to him. “Success has many faces and we have high goals,” he said during his opening speech in French. However, it is still too early to talk about victories and titles. But who carries so lonely in the national League, the Higher the sense – and PSG longs for a long time after the Triumph in the Champions League. So far, this suggestion was not crowned by success. The Premier class title for years is the clear target of PSG and the strong financial donors from Qatar.

On Tuchel and his Team waiting in the first knockout round to Manchester United – a test. Is the team really in top form? French media noted critically that Superstar Neymar has to do in November with a muscle injury. No matter how effusive the praise in the further course of the season may be: Tuchel will be measured, ultimately, how he performs with PSG in the Premier class.