Not all sports allow such a deep insight into how the Handball. In the break, if the team withdraws into her inner self together, when the circle is closed, and the Trainer speaks – then hear and see all. As this Form of interruption would be invented specifically for the microphones and cameras. But it is not. The time-out is mainly the Moment in the trainer’s work is to be summarized, if in a matter of seconds errors are analyzed and directions are specified. Moments where little things can have a Big impact. And the betrayed sometimes, something about how it is a team ordered.

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The German Team was seen on Saturday Amazing. Not because the coach put his players expressly release, as they wanted the next few minutes in the game against Brazil approach, collaborative leadership can look like that. But because this was a national coach Christian Prokop, the sight of which reminded in this Situation of time-outs, which were almost in depths look at the European championship a year ago. Certainly, some of it may have been over-interpreted, as in a crisis-ridden relationship, in which jealousy has eaten. But of an intimate relationship between the Trainer and the Team could then be no question: if looks say it all.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

Now, it seems after the first two Games of this world Cup, is much different: Prokop has discovered the ease. He has learned that sometimes letting go and giving his players confidence after he was in his first tournament in over-zealousness and overly intellectual approach. At the same time, the team looks to all appearances to understand the unique opportunity you offer, this home world Cup, and what it is also guilty of: mental sharpness where it is. It will be high-fiving, cheering up, swept away – a very different to each other as in the case of the EM. Some liked to be on Saturday as the seventh football-sky occurrence, although the world Cup was only three days old. “Oh, how nice,” was heard from the stands of the sold-out Arena, and later in the press conference, a ray of sat, of Procopius, who answered the question, whether this was to be a most beautiful game as national coach, with “Yes”.

but It was only the second group game of this world Cup. With the safety of other checks will come, already on Tuesday (20: 30 in the F. A. Z.-Liveticker for the Handball-world Cup in ZDF) against world Champions France. Before it comes this Monday against Russia (18.00 imF.A.Z.-Live scores for basketball-WMund in the ARD). And this new spirit that seems to blow everywhere now, he will have to prove its resilience in crisis situations. So remarkable is the reaction of the team in the Causa Reichmann was when the door to the return, gave their renegade colleagues explicitly open, it was also used as a Signal in the direction of the Trainers suggest the only Reichmann refused, and now the necessary consequence.

How strong is Prokop and the new Together, this is a question to which there is only under high pressure for a response. Perhaps in a time out, if it really changes everything. Then it would be good to see a coach who takes responsibility and player, to it also trust.