surprised A small remark in the middle of the technical explanation of Domenico Tedesco before the match of FC Schalke 04 this Friday at Hertha BSC Berlin (20: 30 in the F. A. Z.-Liveticker for the football Bundesliga and Eurosport Player), many members of the audience. “We are in a process of like us,” said the coach of the turf club, which is surrounded for many weeks by a deep sense of Crisis. The 2:1 victory to the back round opener against VfL Wolfsburg was surmounted by unpleasant debates: the captain and regular goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann has lost his Position in the starting line-up to the young Alexander Nübel. And, not least, Manager Christian Heidel has been faced with rumors, according to which the Supervisory Board doubt the quality of his work.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

Tedesco seems all to be of little interest. His Confidence stems from the impression that through measures such as the transport of Nübels “the dynamic of the group changes”. The controversial sale of defender Naldo had a similar impact, “which gives other players the Chance in the hierarchy to work,” explained Tedesco.

From the policy debates that led even so, he tries to the professionals. The Controversy around the Manager, Christian Heidel, the am to a report by the “Bild am Sonntag”, according to “on the edge” is, indeed, also plenty confusing. On Thursday, the powerful Chairman of the Supervisory Board Clemens Tönnies expressed now in the “West German General newspaper” to have the Reports of the past few days: Both Tedesco, as well as bilberry, the “full confidence” of his body, Tönnies insured, and his own “personal friendly relationship to Christian Heidel” was “totally intact, otherwise, speculations are completely off the reality”.

According to Heidel you’ve spoken

In the “image” was read, however, that “Tönnies and the Supervisory Board have growing doubts about Heidels football skills”. Already in the autumn, the newspaper had reported, the Committee and its Chairman wanted to make the sport Board “a shopping-experts at the site”. At that time, Heidel fought back with strong words: “With us no one needs to apply. We have no need of it”, it was “completely unnecessary to discuss the issue in Public. I thought that the times have passed, and we were just talking internally about that.“ To illustrate his good relationship to Tönnies, insured blueberry on the previous Sunday, he had not been “pissed” on the club head, “when it came to the consultant, we talked about it, and later even in the poor”.