As the TV cameras are again carried away, and gradually calm down, Martin sees the child relaxed. Also, this crisis of Hannover 96 had to be wegmoderiert. 0:1 against Werder Bremen lost. The Start messed up. This is the evil question resulted in: André width rider as well as a head coach in the office or not? “I was surprised by the headlines and speculation,” says child.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

the new year’s reception at Hannover 96. There are salmon, a fixed table and a muddled message. In the face of the sporting crisis of the football League clubs all in the room so that the President dumped the coach. He’s not but. “André Breitenreiter is and remains the coach of Hannover 96,” says child. A Serving of satisfaction by sounds. The whole hullabaloo is due perhaps in part to his reputation. Child is after more than 20 years at the helm of Hannover 96 under chronic suspicion to conduct themselves in dealings with coaches and sports Directors by leaps and bounds. As a major shareholder, and several CEO and President in the service of the Association he shall exercise, in the meantime, about almost everything. “The best decisions are the ones you make alone,” says child in this troubled Monday.

in The morning, reports are circulating that a premature separation of the width of the tab could be already been definitely decided, garnished with the names of possible successors. Something you can rebut, of course, in the beginning determined. Hannover 96 have had, however, chose to ignore the messages. “I’m not driving. The Public dictates what we have to do,“ sports Director Horst Heldt. He is angry and annoyed. Child at table 1, Heldt, to table 2, the width of tab to table 3: the Protocol in this event in the VIP area of the stadium. How, exactly, it is probably a Trainer who has in the morning, read in some newspaper that he no longer needs to take at lunch, allegedly, even at table 3. “Each day without a Smile is a lost day,” said Breitenreiter.

He looks amazing and is in thoughts to the next game. On Saturday, Hannover 96 will have to compete in the table leaders Borussia Dortmund. In this match, width Reiter has his place on the bench, according to the child and Heldt sure. After this, the theatre of the unsuccessful coach is very likely to see a continuation. As formulated there, the 74-year-old President is so nice and spongy? Child makes it from the presence of the team, depending on whether Hannover 96 have not had to stop soon but still a new coach.

child indulges in, actually, no breaks. He is as good as ever on the air. His decision, after the home defeat against Bremen and a variety of talks behind closed doors on Sunday evening simply turn off your phone, you can passionately discuss. And so the width of the tab now sits at table 3 and you must accept that Markus Gisdol, or Mirko Slomka will be discussed as his successors. Table 2 Heldt is angry that the latent excitement of the media, when it comes to tricky personnel decisions in professional football. His place at the table for 1 child does not use rarely or not at all. He is dear, explained, analyzed, and mentally warmed up. The word choice is sometimes hefty. “I think to the future,” says child. The second part of the sentence, his unwillingness to deal with the Filth of the past, must be para to be phrased. The defeat against Bremen in the past, and in a week it will be the same with the appearance in Dortmund.