Food voucher: products that could be excluded


What can you really buy with the food voucher? This “useful measure” against inflation should be part of the purchasing power law on which the government is already working. On the other hand, Modem deputies want this aid to also be a “historic opportunity to put it in place in the service of a policy of public health and preservation of the environment”.

They thus plead for the food voucher to target “healthy and non-carcinogenic products”, they note in a forum signed by 55 elected officials and published online this Saturday, June 4 by the JDD. “We will fight to reserve the benefit of the food voucher for healthy and non-carcinogenic products.”

“Inserm emphasizes that a 10% increase in the proportion of ultra-processed foods in the diet is associated with an equivalent increase in the risk of developing cancer overall and breast cancer in particular”, explain- they. “However, it is the most modest people who consume the most junk food, often concentrating at least a dozen different additives”, specify these centrist elected officials.

They believe that the food voucher can help to “invest more heavily in more sustainable production chains and manufacturing processes, taking into account the warnings of scientists on the use of carcinogenic additives and phytosanitary products”.

“The food voucher could thus have a triple virtue: to give short-term purchasing power to French people who are victims of food insecurity, to lower the prices of quality products so that they become accessible to as many people as possible and to permanently structure agricultural sectors. and sustainable food. It is in this spirit that we will approach the parliamentary debates on the implementation of the food voucher in the weeks and months to come”, they declare.

What are the products that could not be affected by the food voucher? Check them out in the slideshow below.