Evangelical reformed Church – After substantial allegations: The Supreme Protestant becomes effective immediately zurückDer President of the Evangelical-reformed Church of Switzerland, Gottfried Locher, has informed in a Letter that he should resign his office. In a complaint made to him of the border were accused of violations.3 be removed from office Kommentare3Hat announced: EKS-President Gottfried Locher,

The Supreme Protestant Switzerland, Gottfried Locher, resigned. The President of the Evangelical-reformed Church of Switzerland, announced in a Letter to the Synod President, such as the EKS is now known in a Communiqué. This after last week a complaint it became known that Punch border were accused of violations. Twelve pastors had therefore called for an independent investigation and a reporting point for victims.

In a published open letter to twelve prominent theologians wrote that there is serious evidence to suggest that a Council business in terms of content, in order to limit injuries. The unspecified accusations should be immediately and transparently and in a timely manner independently tested taken. The resignation of a Council member, that have this issue, was one of these notes. Concrete was not know to request at the time of EKS.

The ability to act of the President was restricted for several weeks due to a business, say it in the message.

Although the matter is not created or confirmed and will still be clarified, however, Locher had decided against “the Backdrop of the existing challenges of the EKS as well as the currently limited creative power as President” in an interview with the Council, his office immediately to make. The “complex issue” will be investigated by an external body independently.

for A discussion of his Person should not complicate the work of the EKS, say it in the Letter from the EKS. Up to the re-election of the Bureau, Vice-President Esther Gaillard and Vice-President Daniel Reuter will lead the business. Gottfried Locher had the presidency of the Council since 2011.


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