For several days, many Miss France have gone on vacation. The sublime Iris Mittenaere, elected Miss France and Miss Universe 2016, flew to Marrakech with her darling Diego El Glaoui.

His sidekick Flora Coquerel decided to go to the sun, on the Greek island of Mykonos. An exotic stay that she wanted to share with her community of fans on her Instagram account followed by around 460,000 Internet users. On the program: visit of the city and its so atypical architecture but also swimming in blue water that makes you want to. On board a yacht, the 28-year-old star photographed herself in an ultra-hot green bikini that suited her perfectly, as evidenced by the many comments under her publication. “My Flo is SOMEBODY !!”, commented Miss France Alicia Aylies, “So beautiful”, wrote Louane Lorpheline, the little sister of Marine Lorphelin or even “What an atomic bomb!” , added a user.

In addition to her stays in the sun, Flora Coquerel invests her time in causes that are dear to her, those of her charitable actions. In 2022, she founded the Nana Zalia maternity hospital in Benin with her association Kelina. “On April 14, 2022, we inaugurated the Nana Zalia maternity hospital in Benin. Years of work, great encounters, truly dedicated people and of course a few disappointments later here we are finally. The realization of our craziest project until ‘now and the start (yes only the start!) of a new story,’ she wrote on Instagram.

While waiting to find out more, Planet invites you to find it under the Mykonos sun in our slideshow.