planks are When a this country house at the feet of the device you to Ponder. They are called “oak natural”, but they feel under bare feet so not woody. Rather soft and warm. And you have to lay flat on the belly, and the air deeply through the nose retract to expose the forgery. Then, it does not smell the resin and Oil, but according to chemistry. This is because these “oak” never stood as a tree in the forest, it is a synthetic product. A covering made of Vinyl, to be exact, which is not visible to the naked eye immediately. Such a design in wood-look is all the rage in home improvement stores and flooring retailers, many customers are on the printed planks in pine, walnut and wild Apple are the floors currently. But, mostly on oak, rustic oak or natural oak.

Nadine Oberhuber

Freelance writer in the economy of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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oak tree on the home-room floor is in this country, always, for decades, tell facility professionals and vendors. Even if the flooring industry is currently carpeted floors made from recycled fishing nets to the Trend explains, colorful cement tiles with large Patterns or sight line and resin coverings. “Something like this is more for a small clientele interesting, to delineate with such materials as a cool, loft-like living atmosphere or to underline their individuality wants to” restrict the residential psychologist Uwe Linke. His observation that these fashions will find in this country no large following. Left is called “top trends” that are addressed by designers, architects and residential magazines, but in the sales figures hardly reflect.

The Dirk Steinmeier, the Manager confirmed to the flooring manufacturer’s masterpieces and market expert for more than thirty years. Currently, unusual ground coverings such as cork or Hygge-carpets is hardly an issue and certainly no wild colors: “What is best, wood floors, natural colours and bright oak. Self-limed oak and dark tones are more likely to be out. The only colors that we have to offer are about a dozen shades of gray. Fresh stone grey is in Trend.“ The soil should hold back, and the timelessness of the furniture. “Also in terms of the basic setup, we are living in a very colorless time,” says Steinmeier.

laminate flooring in owners popular

The penchant for classic colors and materials is explained for the residential psychologist Left quickly: “In uncertain times, people want to well-Known hold on to.” That’s why there is the reverse trend to the wooden floor, even if looks more and more just as if. And what makes the oak the undisputed number one? “It stands for reliability and quality, is also considered to be durable and durable,” explained Steinmeier. Much of what sleep here in the living, dining, and children’s room on the floor, is also actually made of real wood, parquet in the Form of country-house floorboards. Of such wood floors are solely produced in Germany, approximately seven million square feet. Especially home and condo owners enjoy the real Material.

Still popular, but the laminate flooring that imitates the real wood, only. The route is particularly fond of the landlord, tell the seller, because he is cheaper. In the Land of the tenants can be quite a bit there. Laminate flooring consists of a wood-carrier plate which is coated with printed paper, the that the grain. Of such wood imitations, the industry is sold in 2017, approximately 57 million square feet. Mostly the pads – whether real wood or plastic width – a so-called single-Rod look with boards of about two meters in length and twenty centimeters. Classic dimensions.