Flooding possible: Federal office warns of storm surge in the North of Germany


    In Hamburg, and Parts of the schleswig-Holstein North sea coast is expected to be on Tuesday because of a storm. In St. Pauli, the water levels should be in the afternoon, probably slightly more than 1.5 metres above mean high water, such as the Federal office for shipping and hydrography announced on Monday evening.

    in Elbe river, Gl├╝ckstadt and Brunsb├╝ttel, the experts also expect a storm surge. Also on the North Frisian coast in the afternoon expected water levels of approximately 1.5 metres above mean high water. Early in the Morning, the water levels are not expected to increase strongly, a storm flood, there is then expected to be but still, since the brand of 1.5 metres should not be reached.

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    Already, the German weather had informed the service that the storm expected to be deep “Benjamin” on Tuesday heavy squalls from North-West to the North of the strength 10. Occasionally, it could even be a hurricane-like gusts with wind speeds of up to 105 kilometres per hour, according to wind strength 11, has warned the DWD on Monday.