Braderies, flea markets, garage sales, flea markets… These places are real favorites for lovers of bargains like Antoine, a lifelong collector and creator of the Info Collection site. For Planet, this valuables specialist shares his best advice for antiquing and finding the rare pearl.

For this enthusiast, the first question to ask yourself is: what are you really looking for? “If we are looking for a rare object, for which we are ready to pay the price, we should rather go to professional flea markets. If we are looking for objects that have little value, we will rather go to garage sales where private individuals offer less expensive and lower quality objects”, explains Antoine.

In the aisles of the flea market, no one is looking for the same thing. So much so that it is interesting for visitors to go antiquing at different times according to their desires and needs… In our slideshow below, find out which time slot is right for you according to your research and your means.

The negotiation margin in flea markets is on average 10 to 30% of the initial price, no more. “If a salesperson tells you ‘It’s worth 100’, and you offer them 30 or 40, the salesperson will be upset and often won’t make any effort,” Antoine says on his site. The collector gives several tips for properly negotiating the selling price of an object. Here they are :

It’s up to you to hunt!