finally, In Flanders, almost half a million homes are still not connected to the sewer system, thereby reducing their polluted waste water into streams and rivers and end up in. This is a problem, because by 2027 demand of Europe, all the rivers and streams in Flanders are clean, writing in The Sunday. Jan Goossens, CHIEF of the Aquafin, which is responsible for the failure of the municipal rioolbeheer in Flanders, that’s the standard by 2027 achieve very difficult.

“Now that the Flemish government invests half a billion euros per year for the construction of a one per cent additional sewage disposal system. However, even if there are billions of dollars at your disposal, it is not difficult, for the simple reason that there are not enough contractors to get that work can be carried out,” says Goossens. Plus, from the moment that they decide to have a new project up to the end of the work, there is an average time span of seven years.” Plenty is, however, satisfied that the new Flemish government has to be ambitious is to take in the situation thoroughly, to deal with it. In the new coalition agreement states that Aquafin is being more and more involved in all of the Flemish plans.

If there’s a deadline to 2027 will not get a fine of eur 52 million and of 62,500 euros per day, that is, the situation does not have to be in order, it is, ” says Vincent, It is of Go4greenground, which is a union of the Flemish government to put pressure on the situation to deal with. “Money that taxpayers ‘ money should be coughed up by years and years of failed policies.” Plenty confirm that the risk of sanctions is real.