in Flanders, calls it in her new Luchtbeleidsplan at the federal level to change the system of salariswagens. It was on Friday approved by the government. The most important difference from the preliminary draft budget that the previous government did, that there is no evidence of an intelligent road pricing for passenger cars.

in The previous Flemish government has drawn up a plan for the air quality in Flanders, but that it did not get final approval. At the end of last year forced the environmental organization Greenpeace in a court of law, that the plan for the years to come. For each day of delay, there were payments in question.

on Friday, the new government of Flanders, as one of its first beleidsdaden the Luchtbeleidsplan well. The main difference with the design is that there is no evidence of an intelligent road pricing. Nevertheless, the plan predicts that European air quality standards “as soon as possible,” there is nothing more to be crossed. By 2030, the impact of air pollution on health is half as compared to that of 2005.

This is aiming for Flanders and more on the greening of the vehicle fleet. Today I did not have the opportunity to make a prohibited sale of diesel to run,” says the government. “Well, you can, through financial incentives for the purchase of alternatives to diesel fuel are promoted. (…) Let’s see how we can zero in emissievoertuigen cheaper to make, and what other incentives there might be for the zero-emissievoertuigen the prijskloof to the bridge.” This is quite remarkable, because on Friday, the government’s contribution to the zero-emissievoertuigen off. The road tax will be reformed in favor of greener cars.

“hold on a salariswagen, and for the reimbursement of the cost of fuel will lead to more miles driven,” he writes to the government. “A modification of this system is, from a mobility perspective than is recommended.” The environment of the vehicle would in any case be stronger to prevail in the future for the purposes of calculating the benefit in kind.

the flemish region in addition to a regulatory framework for low emission zones (ULEZ), which, cities, towns, and municipalities should provide for all vehicles with an internal combustion engine to keep the center.

as For the households, will be targeted at the already announced the green deal in the sector. The government will have to develop a system that is most appropriate to use the old, polluting stoves and fireplaces out of phase. This can be the basis of legislation, other instruments (financial, social), or a combination of all the instruments.”

“The air quality is improving year-after-year, as opposed to the perception,” says the competent minister, Zuhal Demir. “If we put together all of the different actions implemented under this plan to a successful completion, then we reduce the number of woonlocaties that is at too high a concentration of nitrogen dioxide may be exposed to non-zero. But, of course, will be the implementation of the plan is to be monitored and, where necessary, corrective measures are taken.”

Greenpeace is to consult with a lawyer to thoroughly respond to the Luchtbeleidsplan.