The Chinese Central Bank has pumped on Wednesday for a record sum of nearly $ 73 billion euros in the financial industry. In view of the slowdown in the economy with liquidity to prevent difficulties in the case of banks.

The Central Bank said that the measures were intended, so that there is significant funding opportunities for the economy. Because the Liquidity of the banking sector is deteriorating.

The latest economic data have alarmed the government in Beijing. Measures to stimulate the economy have already been announced, such as tax cuts for smaller enterprises, and industry.

trade disputes, acts of

the Background of weak data on the trade dispute with the United States that has increasingly. Thus, Chinese exports in December declined by 4.4 percent year-on-year month-as much as for the past two years.

the Economist Trinh Nguyen of the investment Bank Natixis said with a view on the current measures taken by the Central Bank: “The message is clear: The economy needs help.” Although the authorities are pushing of the people’s Republic of banks to extend more loans, hesitate often. Are you afraid of too many problem loans.