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The real estate agencies can now make commercial visits to houses for sale . In this way, potential buyers will be able to see the home in person. However, these visits should be developed according to certain security measures. In addition to limited dwell time within the real estate for sale, requires agencies to comply with protocols that include the use of individual protection equipment . On the other hand, becoming a landlord at a time like this can lead to certain advantages. From pisos.com we advise you about how to buy a home in full desescalada:

1. Graphic documentation . Photos, virtual tours and floor plans are able to give us a very rough idea of the dwelling in which we are interested. In fact, the agencies have extensive documentation on their real estate portfolio, and any feature that we want to know is going to be located. However, the physical visit is still necessary. It is important that you let us not take this step unless we have a real interest in a particular property.

2. Measures of protection . All agencies of intermediation have assumed the measures that should be applied to avoid the occurrence of infections during visits to real estate for sale. It is essential to be responsible and follow these instructions to the letter. Mask, gloves, booties and hydroalcoholic gel are essential elements for the professional to join us you must provide to its customers to minimize the risk of the coronavirus during the visit.

3. Individual responsibility . In addition to being punctual and to go to the appointment with the agent at the agreed time, we can not be accompanied by several family members and friends. Large groups are banned. Just must be present on the final buyer or end, in the case of a purchase of this well in a couple. If it is essential that you see a family member or friend, you can set several shifts or days of the visit. On the other hand, you have to be aware that you can not touch anything.

4. Common areas . Extras such as the pool, the parking lot or the gym are aspects that are highly valued within the flats belong to housing developments. Although they are not decisive elements for the purchase of a home, are ingredients that deserves to take a look. Not recommended to walk through during the desescalada, but if you insist on seeing them, the agent needs to notify the community of neighbors of your intention, and they will have the last word.

5. Doubts and questions . During the visits has always taken advantage of the context to clarify doubts or even negotiate the price. It is recommended that any conversation of this type to take place outside the building or directly in the office of the agency of intermediation, where you will be able to accommodate us without any rush. The key is to stay within the house for sale the shortest possible time, just to get to know in situ the space and the distribution.