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The confinement has made us realize what is missing in our homes. Working from home has been a new experience for many spaniards, who have had to find a corner in their homes to assemble your office. In addition, we have identified needs in other rooms that, once begun, the new normal, have triggered the request for quotes for carrying out reforms in the domestic sphere. From pisos.com we see how you are adapting the property this summer to the situation poscoronavirus:

1 ideal Time – This summer will be the season of reforms. The summer period has always been a time in which abound in this type of actions, due to which many take advantage of the vacation to coordinate them. The coronavirus will reinforce this fact. According to Habitissimo, 62% of their customers intend to make any reform or repair in your home throughout the summer to adapt it to new circumstances. From Andimac, raise this percentage to 70%.

2 Telework and exterior – The number of employees working in remote has tripled. This situation will last, since many companies have realized that the topic that estimated that working from home makes fall the production is entirely false. Because of this, the works to convert any area of the home in a kind of office where to carry out the work day with comfort and without distractions will abound this summer.

3 Spaces multi-purpose – In the dwellings where it is not possible to draw an extra room to transform it into office, they will have to play with the available space, making this fulfils different functions depending on the time of day. That is why it is becoming increasingly important, the trend in households by creating multifunctional spaces at the time of the reform of the housing. The current invites you to have fewer spaces, but more spacious, and always with the furniture fair.

4 kitchens and Bathrooms – The spaces devoted to the kitchens and daily hygiene are very vulnerable, given that we use very often. The months of closure, we have raised awareness about the need to have more places for storage in the kitchen or the idea of changing the bathtub for a shower in the bathroom. One of the reform star of the summer will be the union of kitchen and living in an environment that is more open thanks to the removal of partitions separators.

5 Budget – What has not been able to change the pandemic is the budget allocated to carry out this kind of improvements. The homes have an estimate of expenditure fixed, whether we’re talking about partial changes, which account for about 20,000 euros, or comprehensive reforms, which reach 60,000. What has elevated the health crisis are requests for funding to undertake the works of conditioning into the housing.

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