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If just when they declared the state of alarm you’ve found the perfect home, even you have signed an earnest money contract and you’ve already taken some steps to achieve mortgage financing, all is not lost. The limitation of movement imposed by the health crisis should not discourage you. is mortgages online are a booming market in these moments. The fact that you can perform virtually all the procedures are not face-to-face is perfect in a situation as exceptional as the one we are experiencing. From pisos.com we will explain to you why you are going to get fashionable.

1. Best conditions. An aspect that was already known before the outbreak of the pandemic is that this kind of mortgage loans usually have lower interest rates and better conditions in regard to the committees and linkages. In this sense, they are more flexible than conventional mortgages. In addition, it is possible to start the process without leaving home.

2. Easily compare . The Internet is a powerful tool to compare and select. Instead of having to go branch by branch informing of the characteristics of the mortgage deal from every bank, you can do it through your computer or your mobile device. To perform simulations of different scenarios, it is essential that you have them on hand all the necessary documentation.

3. Appraisal face-to-face . Although there are business valuation that offer appraisals online, these are not valid to ask for a mortgage. It is approaches that in no case constitute an official valuation. The appraiser must visit the property. Given the situation, if the house is empty, there will be no problem, but if there are people inside, it will all depend on whether or not to grant permission.

4. Notaries and registrars asset . The crisis of the COVID-19 has not blocked the activity of notaries and registrars of property. Both professionals continue to provide their services, even though a lot of only cater to in case of emergency. The buyer must be able to justify the reason why you should be the signature. The most common reasons are the loss of signal and housing need. Equally, the seller can claim that they have to get immediate liquidity.

5. Doubt and uncertainty . But as we have seen to get a mortgage in times of coronavirus it is perfectly possible, buyers will confront more questions than usual. Most are related to job uncertainty. The barrage of ERTEs which has generated this crisis gives less security and trust to the servicers, they will try to opt for fixed mortgages.