First game for 112 days And suddenly you hear allesDer Cup quarter-final between Lausanne-Sport and FC Basel shows that Swiss football is in the Corona-time work.Tilman Pauls1 Kommentar1Cabral meets wonderfully by a Bicycle kick. Video: SRF

rules are rules. It does not matter whether it is Vladimir Petkovic, Pierluigi Tami, or Dominique Blanc. So the folder target, is safe the three celebrity guests and tells them from a respectful distance, of course, that the markings on the floor for coach of the SFA Directors and the President.

Short Irritation, narrow Smile. But this Sunday, no exceptions are permitted. So, Petkovic, Tami and Blanc up neatly in a row, give your signed security declarations and, in return, receive a blue ribbon for your wrist. Because without a Band nothing like this afternoon.

Dominique Blanc, Pierluigi Tami, and Vladimir Petkovic (v. l.) on the rostrum of the Lausanne’s Pontaise. KEYSTONE

The first official football game on Swiss soil for 112 days is not normal. How could it? All eyes on the Cup quarter-final between FC Lausanne-Sport and FC Basel. Swiss football, there was only canned. And after the League made a few weeks ago the beginning, are now all curious: How does Switzerland?

Each Ball is cleaned

Maybe it’s the now-familiar television images from Germany, Spain or Italy. And maybe a little bit at the Stade Olympique de la Pontaise, the not was already in front of Corona just for its gripping atmosphere. But really, especially the re-recording only on its edges.

Cabral, hits by head, the is the 2:0. Video: SRF

The face masks worn by some consistently, others, however, quickly back in the bag disappear. The ball boys, the clean with disinfectant every Ball that flies over the outer lines. And of course, the silence in which you hear each statement, and sometimes things that should probably hear none. If FCB coach Marcel Koller looks to a shortened preparation in the extension, for example, on the court and to the state of both Teams to capture the First game and at the stop:”.”

FCB coach Marcel Koller with a face mask. KEYSTONE

“Special” is the word chosen by Basel’s goalkeeper Jonas Omlin after the final whistle. He is after the 3:2 victory for the FCB, the man of the match. Still, it’s more about the trappings than its parades, the would have earned on a normal day with more questions. But what’s normal in these times? Omlin speaks of the arrival of the mask of duty on the Bus. Of the several cabins, which take the players in the hardware before the drive home to shower. And of the unusual quiet during the game. You could mimic in Training over and over again. But a competitive game will be in an empty stadium never.

Widmer is the decisive 3:2 score in overtime. Video: SRF

Otherwise, the afternoon is but the proof that football works in the current Situation in Switzerland. A fortiori, then, when it is between Lausanne and Basel: With five goals, an extension, a heated final phase, including a course reference. By around 100 spectators on the main grandstand of the hosts and in the closing stages, even a few memories of the football before the break to come at the gates. A little bit at least.

After the game, Vladimir Petkovic, Pierluigi Tami, or Dominique Blanc are long gone, gather some Fans of the host before the gates of the stadium. You sing, cheer, detonate Pyros. The police look at the scenes from a distance, the small scuffles within the group. It is the images that you see in front of the TV. And the reminder that in the coming weeks, perhaps not all so scrupulous to the new rules of the Corona football, such as the Swiss national coach.

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